About us

Who we are

KILOtela is the registered trademark, owned by the textile company Miró Torres S.L., founded in 1969 in Igualada, a place of reference in the Spanish textile industry for decades.

Our beginnings were the textile recovery from the classification and sale of textile waste, which after processing, is used in the automobile, paper and industrial cleaning.

Knowledge of the market allowed us to refocus our activity: extend the useful life of fabrics in the fashion industry.

What we offer

We are a third generation family-owned company that provides all kind of fabrics −fashion & decor−, and home linens. We are wholesaler and retailer. We are specialized on selling fabrics by kilogram

We offer a wide range of fabrics for: fashion clothing, quilting & handcrafts, Carnival, children’s and home furnishing. We also sell home textiles for bed, bath, kitchen and decoration.

After the democratization of clothing by large corporations, KILOtela intends to make all kinds of fabrics available to everyone.

empresa de venta de telas

What differentiate us

KILOtela is specialized in the stocklots and leftovers market. These are pre-consumer waste fabrics from the fashion industry that would end up in landfill. We even go further and clean up the flaws/printing defects of fabrics from manufacturers that would never reach the final consumer.

We purchase a large part of our products by weight and thus we also sell them by weight. This is the reason of our comercial brand KILOtela.

“in vino veritas” is a Latin proverb, whose meaning could be translated as «in wine there is the truth». At KILOtela we affirm:

“in kilo veritas”

The products we offer, of high quality construction and design, are imported directly from the manufacturers. Therefore, the price we offer has no competition. You and our battered Earth benefit.

Our aims

At present, the low cost garment prevails and dictates fast fashion. At KILOtela we put deadstocks at your disposal and we are committed to slow fashion, handmaking, do-it-yourself and customization of clothing.

At KILOtela, in addition to giving a new opportunity to scraps discarded from manufacturers and clothing manufacturers, we are also committed to recycled fabrics, both polyester and natural fabrics (cotton, linen), which close the cycle of circular economy.

The goal is to achieve maximum resource efficiency and product life extension in the fashion industry.