Combined fabrics for patchwork and crafts: Creative proposals from KILOtela

Combined fabrics for patchwork and crafts: Creative proposals from KILOtela

If you’re looking for combined fabrics for patchwork to succeed in your next creations, today is your lucky day because at KILOtela, we have a wide range of possibilities that you can’t miss out on. When fabric scraps turn into art, we’re talking about patchwork, a trend that has captivated millions of people around the world.

Because what better way to give new life to our fabric scraps than by creating an impressive and creative quilt, for example? With a little imagination and a set of combined fabrics for patchwork, you can achieve beautiful creations that will be the envy of all your friends and colleagues.

From bags, curtains, and tablecloths to baby clothes and quilts, the possibilities offered by patchwork are endless. But where does this activity come from? What is the origin of patchwork?

telas combinadas para patchwork

Where and when does patchwork originate?

Patchwork begins as an attempt to make use of leftover fabric scraps or even old clothing that, with a bit of creativity and skill, are transformed into true works of art.

The exact origin is uncertain. Some argue that it originated in the United States, while others claim that this do-it-yourself trend emerged in the northern region of Spain, specifically in the La Rioja area.

The truth is that the exact place where the idea of using combined fabrics for patchwork to create groundbreaking and creative designs first emerged is unknown. However, while its origin is uncertain, it can be confidently stated that patchwork has become a global trend that is here to stay.

What should you consider when choosing combined fabrics for patchwork?

The initial doubts that arise when choosing materials for patchwork are related to the quality of the materials and their combination.

Initially, it was believed that the type of fabric was not important when it came to patchwork. However, over time, as the activity has developed, it has become clear that, in order to create durable and high-quality patchwork creations, it is necessary to carefully choose the fabric scraps. If you purchase yours at KILOtela, quality is more than guaranteed.


What is the ideal material for patchwork?

In general, the most commonly used fabrics for patchwork are linen and cotton, which are 100% natural and eco-friendly fibers that ensure the durability of the created garment. But how do these two fabrics differ?

Characteristics of cotton


Cotton, especially organic cotton, is a natural and sustainable fabric. It has excellent absorbency and is highly versatile, as it can be combined with different fabrics such as denim, knit, and flannel.

It is hypoallergenic and breathable, making it perfect for creating summer clothing, for example. At KILOtela, we offer a wide variety of cotton patchwork fabrics with fun and varied designs.

Characteristics of linen


Linen is a 100% natural fabric. It is derived from a plant that does not require chemical substances and can thrive solely on rainwater, making linen a highly sustainable material. This fabric is lightweight, does not become heavy when wet, and has great drying capacity.

It is also highly resistant to tearing, breathable, and hypoallergenic, just like cotton. However, unlike cotton, linen is thermoregulating, which makes it perfect for any season of the year

At KILOtela, we offer a wide variety of linen patchwork fabrics for creating high-quality garments.

3 tips for combining materials and colors in patchwork

At KILOtela, we have extensive experience in providing recommendations to individuals venturing into the world of patchwork. Here are some useful tips, especially for beginners. 

As mentioned, the first step to success is choosing the right fabrics, considering factors such as material, design, and patterns. An important aspect in decision-making is the creativity and imagination of each person. However, for those who are still unsure, here are some tips for successfully choosing fabrics for patchwork.

1.Cotton or linen?

The first thing to consider is the material you’re going to choose. To do this, it’s essential to have a clear understanding of what you want to achieve and how the garment will be used. If you’re looking for a fabric that is strong and durable, linen is what you’re looking for.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a fabric that is easy to handle, versatile, and easy to quilt, then cotton fabrics for patchwork are what you need.

2.Combine solid fabrics with prints

A great tip is to alternate between solid fabrics and fabrics with prints. For example, the KILOtela Cotton American Patchwork Fabric in Crackle Marbled Blue combines perfectly with the KILOtela Cotton American Patchwork Fabric in Tradition Cream Flowers.

3.Combine the same design in different shades

By combining the same design in different shades, you’ll create a striking effect. In our range of fabrics, you’ll find many options to achieve these combinations. We have warm tones for summer, colorful choices for spring, and even Christmas options to welcome Santa Claus and the Three Wise Men as they deserve.

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