What are the most demanded printed fabrics for dresses by our customers this year?

What are the most demanded printed fabrics for dresses by our customers this year?

Are you thinking of refreshing your spring-summer wardrobe and don’t know where to start? Dare to try the latest print trends for this 2023 with our printed fabrics for dresses. This year, fashion continues to revolve around breaking norms and stepping out of the comfort zone. No plain fabrics here. Embrace prints! The prints that will make a statement in 2023 are, in part, reinventions of the traditional prints we’re accustomed to seeing.

In this article, we’ll tell you which prints will be in fashion this year and what their characteristics are. And if you need a more visual support, don’t hesitate to take a look at our catalog of printed fabrics for dresses and other garments.

telas estampadas para vestidos

Printed fabrics for dresses: floral designs

2023 is full of flowers, with designs of different sizes and shapes. Do you know how to make the most of them? Below, we’ll tell you about the trendy floral designs and how to perfectly combine them.

Large Flowers


Giant flowers with contrasting colors. Maxi flowers bring character to the garment, empower the wearer, and reflect the energies of external blooming and internal growth that are so prevalent nowadays.

Printed fabrics for dresses with maxi flower designs will become the true trend this spring. Here are some beautiful examples.

Small Flowers


In the world of prints, fabrics with small flower designs are known as Liberty prints. Remember the name, because they will be very present in all kinds of garments this spring-summer. These designs with small flowers bring a vintage feel to your look that will be irresistible.

Abstract Flowers


While floral prints are a reinvented classic, we can’t overlook the latest trend: prints with abstract flowers. From bold and exotic designs to nighttime gardens taken straight from the metaverse. Abstract flowers have come to revolutionize the world of fashion this spring.

Printed Cotton or Silk Fabrics with Geometric Designs

Polka Dot Designs


Big dots, small dots, abstract dots. It doesn’t matter. The resurgence of the polka dot style is real, and it’s already among us. A fun and versatile design that can be perfectly combined with other patterns when done right, and it has a bold character.



Stripe designs never go out of style. They are usually present in every collection, although, yes, with slight variations. This 2023 comes with striking rugby stripe designs: horizontal stripes in various colors in a block-like form.



With a nod to the hippie fashion of the 60s, tie-dye prints are back in trend. Endless chromatic combinations, ideal for maxi dresses, and a perfect match for printed cotton fabrics.



What is the most widespread and timeless pattern when it comes to checked fabrics? Exactly, we’re talking about Gingham. The spring-summer collections of 2023 are loaded with maximalist, saturated, and incredibly vibrant check prints that would catch anyone’s attention. Are you going to miss out on them?

In KILOtela’s catalog, you’ll find perfect examples of the trendy prints this summer.

Crazy Geometry


It seems clear, after everything we’ve discussed so far, that 2023 is giving a nod to the colorful fashion of the 60s and 70s, and this trend is no exception. This year brings us eclectic styles with dynamic bohemian-inspired geometric prints. Lose your fear, step out of your comfort zone, and embrace these beautiful, colorful, and elegant prints in the purest 60s and 70s style.

5 Tips for Combining Different Prints for Dresses

One of the main rules when combining different printed fabrics is that there should be at least one common element between them. Primarily, they should share at least one of the main colors or belong to the same color palette.

However, respecting the color combination doesn’t guarantee success in combining prints. Here are some tips for combining prints like a pro:

  • 1.The virtue lies in harmony. Combining fabrics with vibrant and eye-catching prints with a less flashy print, such as thin and discreet stripes, is a great choice.
  • 2.Embrace the versatility of floral prints. Flowers go well with everything; they are versatile and flattering. Keep the color palette and go wild combining different prints.
  • 3.Polka dots and stripes. One of the combinations that guarantee success. It’s a bold, stylish, and original style that you can’t go wrong with.
  • 4.Combine different shades and sizes. Being daring doesn’t necessarily mean combining different types of patterns. A great trick is to combine the same pattern in different sizes and different shades of the same color. You’ll achieve a striking and daring style.

Count on KILOtela’s fabrics for your creations this season. We guarantee maximum quality and a vast assortment to meet the most demanding requirements.

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