Foam Backed Fabric: Your Versatile Material Choice Welcome to KILOtela, your reliable source for all things fabric. Today, we’re focusing on a staple that’s an essential for various creative projects: foam backed fabric. At KILOtela, we take pride in our extensive range of quality materials, offering something for every design need. Read more What is Foam Backed Fabric? Foam backed fabric is a unique, adaptable material with uses that span from clothing to furniture upholstery and even costume design. Composed of a foam layer bonded to fabric, this textile is both sturdy and versatile. It offers excellent shape retention, making it ideal for projects requiring a more robust structure. In the world of fashion, foam backed fabric is used to create voluminous garments that require a touch of futuristic aesthetics. Its water-resistant properties also make it suitable for swimwear and sports attire. Whatever your project, you can trust that the foam backed fabric from KILOtela will meet your high expectations. Buy High-Quality Foam Backed Fabric Find your ideal foam backing at We offer high-quality foam backed fabric suitable for a range of applications and designs. With KILOtela, you get the quality you’re looking for with the convenience of online shopping. Let your creativity flow; KILOtela makes it easy for you. Hide
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