Recycled Half Panama Canvas Fabric | Cotton, Polyester – Alone, Tile (62% GRS)

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Reduce | Reuse | Recycle

Contribute to the Circular Economy with these recycled fabrics. Fabric made from polyester yarn obtained from recycled plastic bottles (PET) and pre-consumer recycled cotton, certified by Global Recycled Standard (62% GRS).

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The benefits for using recycle fibers are multiple:

Benefits during cotton cultivation and production in conventional cotton vs. recycled cotton

  • There is a 55% reduction in water consumption compared to conventional cotton during the cotton cultivation and production.
  • 35% reduction in greenhouse gas and CO2 emissions.
  • 62% less energy consumption than conventional cotton.
  • Conventional cotton uses about 16% of the world’s insecticides and 7% of pesticides.

Pros for using recycled polyester (from plastic bottles)

  • The energy needed to make the rPET is less than what is needed to make the virgin polyester.
  • Recycling PET to create the fabrics prevents it from going to landfills or oceans.
  • Using more recycled polyester reduces our dependence on virgin petroleum as a raw material.
  • Fabrics created from recycled polyester can be recycled again and again with no degradation of quality, allowing us to minimize wastage.

Width: 280 cm.
Composition: 65% recycled cotton, 20% recycled polyester, 15% other fibers. 100% Global Recycled Standard (GRS). Made in Spain.
Weight aprox.: 210 gr/m².
Uses: upholstery, cushions, bags, tablecloths, curtains, etc.
Minimum cut: 0,50 m.
Cut Size: We cut in 0,10 m increments (countinously).

1 yard is 36 inches long by 110 inches wide (width of fabric). For reference, 1 meter is about 1,09 yard (40 inches) so please order up or down for your sewing and crafting needs.

Washing instructions:

  • Machine wash at 30ºC maximum.
  • Iron at a maximum temperature of 150ºC.
  • Do not bleach.
  • Do not tumble dry.

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Weight 0,65 kg

Beige/Creams, Blue, Orange

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Characteristics/Fabric composition

Cotton, Polyester, Recycled Fabrics


Medium < 135-270 g/m²


Bags, Bedspread, Curtains, Cushions, Foulard, Tablecloth, Upholstery

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