Terry Towel Fabric | Cotton, Fuchsia

13,50 / metre

Terry towel fabric has a distinctive texture characterized by long, fluffy loops on one side, while the other side is usually smoother. The loops in terry cloth allow for greater water absorption, making it ideal for drying the body or hands.

It is composed of cotton and polyester, providing softness, durability, and water retention capabilities. In addition to its use in towels, terry cloth is also employed in the making of bathrobes, robes, and other products related to hygiene and personal care.

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Width: 160 cm.
Composition: 90% cotton, 10% polyester.
weight: 350 gr / m².
Fabric suitable for: baby accessories, clothes, towels.
Minimum cut: 0,50 m.
Cut Size: We cut in 0,10 m increments (continuously).

Fabric Care:
Machine wash and spin maximum 30ºC.
Do not use bleach.
No dry cleaning.
Iron maximum at 110ºC.

1 yard is 36 inches long by 110 inches wide (width of fabric). For reference, 1 meter is about 1,09 yard (40 inches) so please order up or down for your sewing and crafting needs.


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Weight 0,6 kg


Characteristics/Fabric composition

Cotton, Polyester


Heavy < 270-400 g/m²


Baby Accessories, Crafts

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