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Width: 150 cm.

Fabric suitable for making hygienic masks it’s 100% cotton.

  • Fabric finished with Fluor Carbon at a high concentration that acts as a hydrostatic barrier that prevents microdroplets from passing through the fabric. The addition of a Biocide based on silver ions, suitable for direct contact with the skin, confers an effective bacterial protection barrier against a large number of bacteriostatic and micro-fungal agents, inhibiting the function and feeding of microorganisms and bacteria.
  • We recommend using a filter.

BFE Bacterial Filtration Efficiency:

  • Aerosol filtration efficiency:> 94%
  • Particle filtration efficiency:> 93%

Tests carried out according to the UNE-EN 13274 standard

Number of washes:

  • 60 washes at 35 ° C.

Properties: waterproof, breathable and washable.

  • It is NOT a medical device (PS).
  • It is NOT personal protective equipment (PPE).


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Washing instructions

  • Machine wash and spin at 35ºC.
  • Reusable and Washable. We recommend leaving it to soak for approximately 30 minutes, to guarantee the ideal disinfection.
  • It is advisable to iron between 110º / 130º after washing to reactivate the fluoride carbon.
  • Do not use bleach, it could affect the characteristics of the fabric.
  • Dryer can be used. This process can be carried out up to 80ºC.
  • Do not dry clean.
  • Only use bactericidal fabric softener in the last rinse. If it is not bactericidal, do not use any type of fabric softener.

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